Fashion is a kind of collective art that express the moods and ideas of different individuals. While glamour and style forms an important aspect of it, the apparels should also make sense to the individual wearing them. They should speak to the individual and allow in forming a bond.

At Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, we consider such needs to be vital as we believe that it helps an individual to bond with the works of a particular designer. We are a leading fashion designing institute in Bangalore offering some of the finest courses to our students in all aspects of fashion designing, conceptualizing and merchandising.

Indian Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the premier fashion design colleges in Bangalore offering a wide range of programs to educate budding minds with the various aspects of fashion designing and marketing. We are intimately linked with some of the leading insiders of the fashion industry which gives us the required skill and expertise to provide our students with the most comprehensive training and support about various matters regarding fashion. Our programs are designed to meet the current needs of the fashion world, and are also geared to train young fashion professionals to meet the challenges that might come their way in the future.


We have established ourselves as among the best fashion design colleges in Bangalore with our extensive infrastructural facilities and training modules that provide our students with detailed understanding about the various nuances of the fashion world. Any young professional keen to take up fashion as a career need to understand the constant changes that characterize this world and develop the potential to keep up with all the emerging trends. Our programs, like those offered by other fashion design colleges in Bangalore offer the basic design concepts for sure, but they also provide them with the skill to understand what is to come in the near future. It is this potential that can differentiate between an average designer and a great one. We not only provide education about designing, but we also acquaint our students with the inner trends and practices of the fashion world; something that is often difficult to do in a conventional classroom environment. It is for this reason that we have emerged as one of the best fashion design colleges in Bangalore.


As a leading fashion designing institute in Bangalore, our goal from the start was to provide our students with a thoroughly world class education facility where students can sharpen their creative skills and learn to speak and think like a professional fashion designer of the future. Our programs are highly functional in meeting the requirements from various corners of the fashion world. Our training has enabled some of the leading stylists, innovators, consultants and retailers in India to find astounding success in their endeavors.

Being a major fashion designing institute in Bangalore, we provide great opportunities for a young student to bloom into a full-fledged designer in his or her own right. This has made us a commendable fashion designing institute in all aspects.

Indian Institute of Fashion Technology offers the following Programs